Artificial Grass
Artificial grass is trending in exterior home design due to its low maintenance needs, offering a year-round green aesthetic without the need for mowing, watering, or fertilizing. It's an eco-friendly option that conserves water, especially in areas prone to drought. Durable and versatile, artificial grass withstands heavy use and can be installed in various settings, including challenging environments where natural grass can't thrive. In fact, artificial grass can significantly reduce water usage in landscaping, with estimates suggesting that it saves approximately 55 gallons of water per square foot per year compared to natural grass."

Bigger Driveways
Bigger, wider driveways are
another exterior home trend
that is poised to take off in
|2024. The driveway has
long been an integral part
of the home design, but it’s
now beginning to expand.
This is particularly helpful for
those with extended family
that live with them as well as
for those that entertain
regularly and need the extra
space for additional cars.

Unique Garage Doors
Along with bigger driveways, many homes are beginning to make use of unique and interesting garage doors. The garage is now being seen not as much as a utilitarian space, but rather a way to enhance your facade. Doors are now being constructed in elaborate patterns and with unique textures and colors that make them a focal point in the home design.

Gazebos and Pergolas
Outdoor living spaces have been taking off for the last several years, driven largely by first- time home buying Millennials who want to make the most of their properties. And this means creating some indoor/outdoor living spaces or adding shelters and roofs to existing patios. This has led to a huge surge of gazebos being added to decks and pergolas to backyards and patio spaces, giving people some shade and allowing greater use of the outdoors.

Outdoor Fireplace
Another element that’s showing up in new outdoor living spaces is the outdoor fireplace. Fire pits have long been a popular addition to outdoor spaces, but new outdoor fireplaces are a more permanent addition that’s meant to make your patio feel a lot more like a living room than ever before. You’ll see decorative fireplace surrounds as well as unique mantels that help dress up the area and make it feel more homey.

Fiber Cement Siding
Durability and low maintenance have been the watch words of the exterior home industry for the last several years. And for 2024, they’re predicted to be bigger than ever. That’s why fiber cement is predicted to be one of the hottest materials for exteriors in the coming years. It’s attractive, versatile, and low maintenance so people can really have their curb appeal and enjoy it, too.

Metal Roof
Hand in hand with fiber cement siding is the metal roof. This is a very low maintenance roofing material that’s also durable and easy to care for. Metal roofs come in a wide range of styles these days, including not only the standing seam roof, but also metal tiles that can give your roof the look of stone, clay, or something completely unique. Metal roofs are built to last, so you don’t need to worry about the same issues as other roofing types over time.

Green As the Hot New Exterior Color
For several years now, gray has dominated as the most popular color, both indoors and out. And while interiors are getting bolder in 2024, exteriors are going greener. Specifically, shades of green that border on the edge of gray. These greens are bringing more interest and life to the exterior and they work well with a range of bold accent colors, letting you make an impact in a subtle way.


Solar Lights
Depending on the area you live in, you may find that solar panels are becoming very common on home exteriors for 2024. You may also discover that solar lights are the hottest new trend in exterior lighting. Solar lights come in many different styles and can be installed easily anywhere that you get adequate light, so you can install them anywhere that you might need a little extra illumination without needing to worry about running wires or a growing electric bill.

Rather than making every inch of your home match up to the opposite side, asymmetry is becoming a hot   
                                   trend in exteriors for 2024.
                                   This means using unique
                                   accents in one area, then
                                   switching to another material,
                                   accent, or feature for another.
                                       The idea is to create an
                                       exterior that’s pleasing and
                                       interesting to the eye.

Walls of Glass
                                  Full walls of glass or floor-to
                                  ceiling windows are going to
                                  continue their rise to the top
                                  of the popularity list in 2024. As people continue to put an emphasis on indoor/outdoor living, it makes sense that they’ll also want to invite the outdoors in visually. Look for large areas of glass panes and bigger picture windows than ever before.

Black as an Accent
Dark colors, including black, have really become a huge trend when used as accents. This includes using black in ordinary accent areas like the front door, as well as using it in unexpected ways, such as over the exterior of large areas of the home.

Mixing Styles
Gone are the days when you needed to settle on a single architectural style. For 2024, people are beginning to incorporate details from different designs into the exteriors of their homes. This means that farmhouses are beginning to get more decorative features, while ranch homes are getting center towers that make them look closer to colonials.

Dark on Dark Designs
Previously, it was felt that if you used a darker color for your siding, you needed to go with a lighter color for the doors or shutters. Now, however, it’s considered not only alright, but it’s also on trend to incorporate some dark on dark into your exterior design. The key is to also include at least one lighter colored accent to help break things up and keep it from getting too dark.

Blue Doors
When it comes to the hottest front door color, this year, it’s many shades of blue. Blue doors in all shades and hues are beginning to pop up everywhere, no matter what the siding color. Consider using a dark blue against a dark siding, or include a pop of bold color with a bright sky blue door. There are so many good colors to choose from, the hardest part will be making up your mind.

Mixing Siding Textures
If you plan on using one color or material over the entirety of your facade, consider shaking things up by mixing siding textures. Combining lap siding with shingles, shakes, or decorative siding options like half-rounds can give your home a lot of very subtle interest that can elevate it’s curb appeal.

Exterior Decor Trends for 2024