The Ins and Outs for 2019 

Oh, the joys of the new year. January 1st has become our opportunity for a reboot, and arbitrary as it may be (why not July 12th?), it's an opportunity to leave behind what's bad and embrace what's new and good. When you're deciding what to overhaul, don't forget about the home front.

IN:  Sustainability (Less is More)
Being strategic and purposeful about purchasing behavior is a key ingredient to a sustainable ethos. From the initial question of, 'Who you are purchasing from and what values do they stand for?' to
'What type of materials are
used to build each item?'
Think IKEA.

OUT:  Eclectic Clutter
When a space has too
many things going on–to
the point where you can
barely utilize a surface area
for function–it creates
chaos. The inability to use
design for function is one
of the biggest caveats we see with this aesthetic. Everything you invest in should have purpose, and we see 2019 shaping out to be a year of reduction and purpose in the items used to style, so say goodbye to eclectic clutter.

IN:  Biophilia

For 2019, there is greater interest in biophilia–emphasizing the relationship between humankind and nature, and the connections between the two. Natural, organic materials–such as wood floors, stone, and daylight and plant life–remind us of the exterior and brings the outside and nature, in. Opportunities for custom Millwork and crafted materials are very important.

OUT:  The L.A. Cafe Look
Blush walls, brass pendant lights and concrete accent flooring are all great—just not all at once please. This look was so widely circulated—the pitfalls of Pinterest.

IN:  Feminine Tones

Colors seen in for 2019 are
blush, dusty pink and
bronze. Warm colors and
feminine tones for on the
walls and dashes of soft
pinks to break up expanses
of taupe or neutrals will
instantly update a tired room.

OUT:  Statement Upholstery

Statement single piece upholstery–especially in jewel colors–will be out this year. Finishes should completely envelop the space and generally be textural rather than patterned for a chic modern look.

IN:  Floral fabrics and wallpapers
The traditional beauty of floral patterns, either abstracted or straight up chintz, will be the pattern to use.

OUT:  Ikat and trellis patterns
The reproduced to death geometric trellis patterns and ikats will make your room look dated.

IN:  Rich jewel tones with an edge
Right now, rich jewel tones with an edge. Bold indigo, hunter and emerald green, and dark teal all feel ready to have a moment outside of the kitchen. Layer living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms with paints, fabrics, accessories, and rugs in these colors to create drama against a backdrop of white architectural elements.

OUT:  Cool Grays

Move away from the cooler, gray tone neutrals right now in favor of stark white and warmer neutrals.

IN:  Light Wood Floors
Light-colored floors are making a comeback, thanks to the homeowner's growing desire for a more airy and open look and feel. In shades of birch, beachy white and light oak, these floors reflect more light, and can transition from casual to luxurious, without sacrificing comfort.

OUT: Cherry Cabinets

Warmth in the kitchen is no longer achieved with this traditional go-to finish. Painted cabinets in deep blues, grays and black are dominating both modern and traditional kitchen designs.

IN: 90% White, 10% Color
The look is fresh, bold, and youthful. It's a design that reflects this "of the moment" color recipe while staying true to the personality of the client.

IN: Boldly patterned backsplashes
Simple, monochromatic kitchens have had a good long run, so we will be gravitating toward making a little more impact in their kitchens, whether that's with bolder color choices or graphic tiles. Either way, we will be seeing more pop and punch in kitchens.

OUT: Terrazzo Tile
Tread lightly with the terrazzo trend. It is a lot of look, and if you tire of it, it's not an easy fix (especially floors!).

IN: Sustainable, Handmade Pieces
                             Items made by hand using
                             sustainable materials like
                             jute, rice paper, and clay
                             will be in, in 2019.

                             OUT: Shibori, Mud cloth,
                             and Indigo

                             People will use less of
                             handmade materials like
                             shibori, mud cloth and
                             indigo because of their
                             louder appearance.

IN: Four-Poster Beds
In uncertain times, people tend to want spaces that bring a sense of comfort and safety. A four-poster bed provides that type of feeling. It's the closest thing you can get to a hug from a piece of furniture.

OUT: Fiber Art

One trend that may need to take a rest in 2019 is fiber art everywhere, but especially in the bedroom.

IN: Boho Vibe With a Twist
The boho vibe is back but with a vintage modern twist and curved lines. Layering and patterned fabrics is something you will see again, but this time around, they will be a bit cleaner and brighter. Curved furnishings and softer lines and mixing of modern and vintage is what we expect for 2019.

                        OUT: Rooms without color\
                        or texture

                         Something that will be out
                         are rooms that feel overly
                         designed with only one look.
                            Mixing of styles is what’s
                           coming in now, so not
                          having everything be one
                          note of mid century             
                          modern with all the
                          same wood color and style
is key.

IN: Acrylic Furniture
Acrylic can give a room the architectural structure it needs without taking up visual real estate.

OUT: Copper Furniture

While copper was flashy and fun in the age of millennial pink, we see it on its way out, making room for more natural-looking metals.

IN: Mixed Metal Accents
An ensemble of metal accents (no more than a mix of two to three different metal accents) used throughout a room is in, and will always be a timeless and tasteful way to create balance and definition in an environment. For example, brass, gold or nickel accents mix well with either oil-rubbed bronze or aged iron accents. Metals like silver and pewter can mix well with bronze and black brown metals.

OUT: Overdone Brass
We love brass metal details, but it’s overkill when a room is furnished with brass-accented case goods and upholstery pieces.

IN: Bold Black Bathrooms
The spa-inspired bathroom trend has officially returned–back to the spa, that is. These days it's all about bold, dark, sultry bathroom designs that evoke an indulgent high-end experience.

OUT: Accent Walls

Dramatic-colored or wallpapered accent walls are no longer the focal point of interiors. Single-colored walls are making a much bigger impact by creating a balanced backdrop for furnishings and decor.

IN: Warmer & Darker Countertops
Warmer and/or darker countertops in kitchens. Marble will still be a classic choice, but we'll see more darker tones and warmer-based stones instead of stark whites and greys.

OUT: Quartz Countertops
Solid white quartz counters. This look is too stark and commercial, especially with white cabinetry