Interior Decor Trends for 2023

They say change is the only constant in life. Lately that notion feels all too true. But in an ever-changing world, many people are seeking stability — and joy — right at home. And in turn, a lot of homeowners are emerging from the last couple of trying years with renewed vigor for creating lively homes full of color, pattern, texture and optimism.

To capture some of that energy,
we’ve gathered home design
and remodeling trends that
homeowners and pros are
excited about for the coming
year. See if any inspire a
change to your own home.

Modern Rustic Style
A few themes weave throughout these 2023 design trends. Among them are the use of natural materials and a general feeling of warmth. You’ll find both in a modern rustic style we’re seeing show up in kitchens.

Think natural wood cabinets and other wood details paired with natural stone countertops and back-splashes, with a few modern elements thrown in.

Elegant Farmhouse Style
Another style showing up in kitchens is a more elegant take on the modern-farmhouse style
that’s been popular in recent years. You’ll find many of the same elements, such as Shaker-style cabinets, apron-front sinks and furniture-style islands and cabinets. But you’ll also notice the use of dramatic cabinet colors, oversize range hoods and slab stone backsplashes.

Modern Spanish Style
Meanwhile, an updated approach to Spanish style is
also taking hold. Terra-cotta floor tile, an arched range hood with a hand-painted terra cotta tile backsplash and a custom island with an end-grain walnut butcher block counter and spindle leg detail
update old-world style with a contemporary twist.

Warm and Soft Palettes
While some homeowners are desiring more bold color in their kitchens, many are looking for warm and soft styles that elicit a restful, relaxing atmosphere. To do that, designers are embracing greige or off-white cabinets, light woods, subtle patterns
and warm bronze and brass finishes.

Natural Materials
Natural materials are always
in style, but lately they seem
to have hit a high point in
popularity. In particular,
homeowners are installing
quartzite and other natural
stone countertops, as well as
marble tile and wood cabinets
and vanities, especially white
oak. Some designers say the surge of interest in natural materials is a result of some homeowners rethinking man-made materials like engineered quartz that have dominated homes in recent years and instead gravitating to natural materials that add character and authenticity to a space.

Soft blue cabinets tie in to another popular trend right now: blue features.

Blue Features
White and gray are by far the most popular colors used in kitchens. But when homeowners stray from that palette, they often choose blue. In fact, when a homeowner chooses to go with an island color that contrasts with the surrounding cabinets, more than a quarter (26%) will select blue.

Green Cabinets
In addition to blue, green is quickly gaining favor in kitchens, especially for cabinets. Both light and dark greens work well with wood details and brass finishes, creating a warm, rich look.

Wood Cabinets
Wood cabinets are trending along with the surge in natural materials. White oak seems to be dominating the choices, but walnut is also popular.

Natural Materials
As mentioned, natural materials are experiencing a surge in interest. In bathrooms, that means natural wood vanities, stone countertops (especially marble) and stone tile flooring and walls.

Curbless Shower with Continuous Flooring
Curbless showers have been a popular bathroom feature for a while. Often the shower flooring is tile in a smaller size or different material than the main flooring, to provide a nonslip surface in the wet area.
But more recently, many designers are running that mosaic tile continuously through the entire bathroom, including the curbless shower area. This approach further enhances the sleek, streamlined effect of a curbless shower design, extends the nonslip surface and helps a small space appear larger than it is.

White-and-Blue Palettes
Similar to blue accents in kitchens, this color is becoming a go-to in many bathrooms to perk up popular all-white palettes without veering too bold.

Bathing Experiences
Many homeowners are looking to create bathrooms that function for more than just bathing. They want relaxing experiences.

To create that, many are embracing pamper-me features like multiple shower heads with various spray settings, such as deep massage or warm mist.

 Bold-Contrast Bathrooms

 All-white bathroom finishes continue to dominate 
 homeowners’ choices. But in recent years some people have been inching toward hits of dark contrasting colors.
Navy blue vanities and accent tile have gained popularity, and some homeowners are taking a step further to the dark side with jet-black vanities and other black details set against crisp white backdrops. The white finishes    
                                     keep things light and airy,
                                     while the black creates a touch
                                     of drama. Brass details and
                                     wood-look tile flooring help
                                         add warmth to the classic

                            Living Room
                                    Modern Rustic Living Rooms
                                    In living rooms, demand for natural materials is leading to a modern rustic style that’s both rugged and cozy. Natural stone fireplaces and surrounds, wood beams and off-white walls mix with comfortable furnishings in organic whites, browns and beiges to create an updated look that feels anchored to a rural past.

Color, Color, Color
A renewed interest in bright and bold color is one of the trends we’re hearing about most from design and remodeling professionals. The shift away from mostly neutrals and whites is something many pros attribute to the pandemic. These days, homeowners seem more adventurous and willing to take a chance on creating brighter, more vibrant spaces. Wallpaper is helping fuel the rush to color, with many homeowners using wild patterns and colors to add pop and personality.

 Warmed-Up Gray Palettes
Despite the resurgence of interest in bold color, neutral palettes still dominate many homeowners’ preferences. White and wood remains popular, but warmed-up gray and greige palettes are on the rise.

Layers of Textures
One phrase that has come up again and again in conversations with design professionals is “layered texture” in decor, wallpaper, materials and accessories. We’re seeing a lot of designers layer wood, rattan, stone, metal finishes, concrete and various textural fabrics in a room to create a dynamic style full of visual and tactile interest.

Connections to the Outdoors
Homeowners have long craved deep connections to       
                                outdoor spaces. Sliding glass
                                doors that completely open
                                interior spaces to the outside are
                                at the top of many dream
                                    features lists. But many pros
                                    are helping homeowners find
                               more affordable ways to bring the
                               outdoors in. Adding large windows
                               can maximize views and bring in
                               tons of natural light in a less expensive way than fully glazed walls. Meanwhile, a focus on natural materials and colors, as well as wallpaper prints that recall nature, are also helping homeowners feel connected to the outside.

Custom built-in cabinets give homeowners storage and display space as well as a finished look, which is why they’re one of the top design features professionals recommend in a living room.

Multiple Seating Options
If you want to create a living room that can handle intimate occasions and lively parties, pros recommend integrating various seating options that can accommodate multiple family members and guests.
Consider combinations of sofas, love seats, ottomans, armchairs, swivel chairs and even window benches and fireplace hearths.

Large Area Rugs
Another living room feature pros often recommend is a large area rug that anchors the room and provides a jumping-off point for building a cohesive color palette and adding texture and softness.

Home Offices
When storage and organization are a top priority, going the custom built-in route is what pros recommend. Similar to what we’re seeing in living rooms, built-ins are showing up in many home offices to tackle storage and display space.

Laundry Rooms
Moody Cabinet Colors
Moody cabinet colors are contributing to an ongoing trend in kitchen-inspired looks showing up in laundry rooms. In this San Francisco laundry room by Studio3 Design, the dramatic cabinet color complements the equally dramatic wallpaper.

Mesh Cabinet Fronts
One interesting feature showing up in laundry rooms is mesh-front cabinet doors. These allow users to air-dry delicates inside without leaving them on display to visually clutter up the room. On-trend moody cabinet color (Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore).

Dark Millwork Accent Walls
Speaking of moody colors, the approach is also making its way into bedrooms as a dark accent wall behind the headboard, most often accompanied by millwork. The approach helps add depth to a room, allows the bed to stand out as a focal feature and creates dramatic style.

Beige Is Back
As mentioned, greens and blues remain popular with homeowners, especially in kitchens and bathrooms, but warmer colors seem to be dominating many interiors.